Instructions for presentations

Technical requirements

The moderated poster sessions will consist of two parts: First, all presenters will give a 3 min presentation with the use of PowerPoint on one common screen with projector for each session. To stay on time, presentations will be stopped by the moderators after 3 min. The presentation will be followed by a 4 min moderated discussion. When all abstracts have been given in the moderated part of the session, presenters must be available at their poster for follow-up discussions, feedback and questions for the rest of the scheduled poster session period.

- POSTER: Recommended Poster Size: 90x120cm (Portrait)


Compulsory format for PowerPoint presentations in the moderated poster sessions:

  • * Every slide (all 6 in every presentation) must be clearly labeled with the abstract/poster number in the top left corner. This number can be found in the “List of accepted publications” below.
  • * The presentation is limited to max. 6 slides with no animations, sequential build-up of individual slides or videos.
  • * Slide 1 should contain the abstract title, list of authors and affiliations only.
  • * Slide 2-5 should contain a brief introduction and clearly stated hypothesis if deemed necessary, as well as results from the abstract and poster, preferably as figures and/or tables.
  • * Slide 6 should contain summary and/or conclusion(s) in bullet points.

Technical requirements:

  • * Microsoft PowerPoint on a Windows 7 based PC will be used for all presentations.
  • * Slides must be fitted to be used on a laptop with screen resolution around 1280 x 800 pixels.
  • * Use the “Insert” feature of PowerPoint to add images to your presentations. Do not copy/paste images into the slide or click and drag.
  • * Ensure no video or animation is included in the presentation.
  • * Please note that Internet access will not be available.
  • * No sound system will be connected to the computer.
  • * "Presenter view" is turned off in PowerPoint
  • * Maximum file size 50Mbyte.

The following file types are the only acceptable:

  • * Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)
  • * Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (.ppt)

- INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING PRESENTATIONS: Please enter Poster number when submitting your presentation.

Poster number, Name and Abstract title

Session I Biomarkers and Cardiac Disease
I-1 Are Annesønn Kalstad "Leukocyte telomere length as related to myocardial injury and dysfunction in elderly with acute myocardial infarction"
I-2 Kristian Berge "Procalcitonin concentrations are superior to C-reactive protein and white blood cell count to diagnose concurrent pneumonia..."
I-3 Erika Nerdrum Aagaard "Left Ventricular Mechanical Dispersion and Markers of Subclinical Injury and Dysfunction in the General Population"
I-4 Maria Bogdanova "Interstitial cells from calcified and healthy aortic valves have different phenotype and function"
I-5 Tingting Feng "Long term patterns of body mass index and risk for atrial fibrillation -the HUNT study"
I-6 Fjola Dogg Sigurdardottir "Circulating cardiac troponin I in individuals with Insomnia: The HUNT Study (Nord-Trøndelag Health Study)"
I-7 Peder Myhre "Longitudinal changes in troponin concentrations from mid- to late-life and left ventricular structure and function in late-life..."
I-8 Sjur Hansen Tveit "A novel ultra-sensitivity cardiac troponin I assay increases the diagnostic precision of cardiac exercise stress testing"
I-9 Vibeke Bratseth "Elevated circulating microvesicles (cMVs) in CAD patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and albuminuria..."
I-10 Joanna Cwikiel "Cardiac biomarkers and exercise stress test for assessment of coronary artery disease, verified by angiography...."
I-11 Trygve Berge "Risk factors for atrial fibrillation at age 40 years: 24-year follow-up data from the Norwegian Age 40 Program..."
I-12 Kirsten Holven "Prevalence of genetically verified FH among Young Norwegian Subjects (<45 years) hospitalized with Acute Myocardial..."

Session II Cellular Signaling: Myocardial Hypertrophy and Ischemia
II-1 Andreas Romaine "Proteoglycan-integrin interaction drives pathological cardiac remodelling"
II-2 Pugazendhi Murugan Erusappan "Molecular aspects of integrin α11 function in cardiac fibrosis"
II-3 Sabrina B Mathiesen "Label free quantitative proteomics identifies the first syndecan-4 interactome and a regulatory role of syndecan-4..."
II-4 Kate Louise Møller Herum "Syndecan-4 shedding exposes OPN to cleavage by thrombin thereby promoting fibrosis in late phase cardiac..."
II-5 Karoline Bjarnesdatter Rypdal "The secreted cardiac fibroblast matrix glycoprotein, ADAMTSL3, is up-regulated during heart failure..."
II-6 Einar S. Nordén "Anti-remodeling effects of Valsartan/sacubitril in chronic cardiac pressure overload"
II-7 Ole J Kaasbøll "Connective Tissue Growth Factor/CCN2 – A Matricellular Preproprotein Controlled by Proteolytic Activation"
II-8 Sima Zolfaghari "Regulation of the human WISP-2/CCN5 gene promoter in fibroblasts"
II-9 Camilla Udjus "Inhibition of caspase-1 reduces hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension by downregulating smooth muscle cell growth"
II-10 Anne-Maj Samuelsson "The cardiac lymphatic system in high-salt diet rats"
II-11 Trude Aspelin "Extracellular vesicles, carrying the fibrinolytic activator tPA, are trapped in the coronary circulation during stimulation..."

Session III Cardiac Function During Heart Failure and Exercise Training
III-1 Arne Olav Melleby "A novel method for high precision aortic banding in mice"
III-2 Marianne Ruud "Regulation of cardiac t-tubule structure by preload and afterload"
III-3 Terje Kolstad "SERCA loss triggers remodelling of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum during heart failure"
III-4 Anna Isotta Castrini "Effect of number of pregnancies on prognosis of women with arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy"
III-5 Nadia Pristaj "Determinants of subclinical left ventricular dysfunction in overweight and obese subjects without known cardiovascular disease"
III-6 Petter Storsten "Mechanical Effects of Left Bundle Branch Block and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy on Right Ventricular Function"
III-7 John Aalen "Septal motion pattern in left bundle branch block is markedly modified by left ventricular lateral wall function"
III-8 Ole Jakob Sletten "Septal work is a more sensitive marker of myocardial dysfunction in dyssynchrony than strain"
III-9 Camilla K. Larsen "Septal flash and rebound stretch are different entities"
III-10 Diana Silva "Physical Activity in primary care: management of Chronic Diseases."
III-11 Katrine Rolid "Effect of High-Intensity Interval Training in De Novo Heart Transplant Recipients - 1 Year Follow Up (The HITTS Study)"

Session IV Cellular Signaling: Myocardial Function and Arrhythmias
IV-1 Gaia Calamera "High affinity cGMP FRET-sensors based on PKG from Plasmodium falciparum"
IV-2 Anett Hellebø Ottesen "Secretoneurin is an Endogenous CaMKII Inhibitor that Attenuates Ca 2+ -Dependent Arrhythmia"
IV-3 Bernadin Ndongson-Dongmo "Characterization of early cardiotoxic effects caused by calcineurin inhibitors."
IV-4 Simon Girmai Berger "Effects on ryanodine receptor function from continuous and intermittent stimulation of β-adrenoceptors"
IV-5 Mani Sadredini "T-wave alternans and Ca 2+ alternans in a mouse model of catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia"
IV-6 Michael Frisk "T-tubule loss is a prominent feature of HFrEF but not HFpEF"
IV-7 Christopher Le "Nanoscale T-tubule characteristics and collagen content in human HFrEF and HFpEF"
IV-8 Yufeng Hou "Correlating nanoscale Ryanodine Receptor organizations to spontaneous calcium sparks in live cardiomyocytes"
IV-9 Ornella Manfra "Revealing dyadic composition in cardiomyocytes by dual colour dSTORM imaging"
IV-10 Xin Shen "Revealing Realistic Ryanodine Receptor Organization in Cardiac Myocytes using 3D dSTORM Imaging"

Session V Diagnostic and Therapeutical Strategies for Cardiac Disease
V-1 Cristiane C.K Mayerhofer "Design of the GutHeart – Targeting Gut Microbiota to Treat Heart Failure – Trial: A Phase II, Randomized..."
V-2 Anne Kristine Anstensrud "Impact of CYP2D6 Genotype on Tolerability of Metoprolol in Patients following Myocardial Infarction..."
V-3 Arsenii Zabirnyk "Inhibition Of In Vitro Aortic Valve Calcification By SNF472"
V-4 Ingeborg Eskerud "Total coronary artery plaque volume is associated with myocardial ischemia in non-obstructive coronary artery disease..."
V-5 Hilde Halland "Hypertension is associated with subclinical cardiovascular dysfunction in obesity independent of diabetes"
V-6 Henriette Andresen "Enhancing the natriuretic peptide system with small molecules"
V-7 Raffaele Altara "Cardiorenal and Humoral Actions of proANP 31-67 (Vastiras) in Diastolic Dysfunction"
V-8 Richard J. Massey "High prevalence of left ventricular systolic dysfunction in young survivors after allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell trans.."
V-9 Ioanni Veras "In vivo mapping of extracellular volume for assessing the effect of LCZ696 on rats with myocardial infarction"
V-10 Bård Andre Bendiksen "A novel approach to Restriction Spectrum Imaging of the heart"
V-11 Emil Knut Stenersen Espe "A Noninvasive Index of Regional Myocardial Power using MRI"
V-12 Gary McGinley "Whole-heart 3D Regional Strain Measurement in the Infarcted Heart using MRI"
V-13 Lisa Smith "Myocardial stiffness assessment by MR Elastography on small animals"

Session VI Inflammatory Mediators and Metabolism
VI-1 Ayodeji Awoyemi "Metabolic endotoxemia as related to metabolic syndrome in an elderly male population at high cardiovascular risk."
VI-2 Hani Zaidi "Effects of long-term exercise training on inflammasome-related mediators in patients with T2DM and CAD"
VI-3 May-Kristin Torp "Mitochondrial DAMPs in ex vivo ischemia-reperfusion injury in mouse hearts"
VI-4 Kuan Yang "Low Cellular NAD + Compromises LPS-induced Inflammatory Responses via Inhibiting TLR4 Signal Transduction"
VI-5 Linn Elisabeth Fosshaug "Lipidomics in acute coronary syndrome: Changes in pro-inflammatory and pro-resolution lipid mediators"
VI-6 Tove Lekva "HDL-C in pregnancy-impact on future cardiovascular risk"
VI-7 Sissel Åkra "MMP-9 expression in adipose tissue is strongly associated with overweight and insulin sensitivity in a cohort of healthy..."
VI-8 Margrethe Flesvig Holt "C5aR2 expression is increased in ascending thoracic aortic aneurysms"
VI-9 Mieke Louwe "Absence of the NLRP3 Inflammasome Improves Survival Following Myocardial Infarction"
VI-10 Miriam S. Langseth "Markers of neutrophil extracellular traps and all-cause mortality in st-elevation myocardial infarction"
VI-11 Ragnhild Helseth "Glucose associated NETosis in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction"
VI-12 Mari Elen Strand "The heparanase-syndecan-4 axis in the heart: upregulation in response to immune activation indicates a role in cardi..."
VI-13 Cristiane C.K Mayerhofer "Altered gut microbiota profile in heart failure driven by depletion of butyrate producing bacteria"

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