CHFR workshop

Cardiac hormones: Effects, therapeutic potential and use as biomarkers

Center for Heart Failure Research invites clinicians and basic researchers with an interest in cardiac hormones and signalling to participate at our workshop.

The invited lecture will be given by Professor Adrian Hobbs from the William Harvey Research Institute, University of London. He has for several years been working on guanylyl cyclases and their endogenous stimulators, NO and natriuretic peptides in the cardiovascular system. He has in the later years had a special interest for this research area in pulmonary hypertension.

Several ongoing projects will be presented by PhD students and post docs and all projects discussed in plenum.

The meeting takes place Tuesday November 3rd 2015, 11.30-16.30, Domus Odontologica (preklinsk III): Lille auditorium A1.1004.

Registration for all participants: before 23:00 o'clock October 29th 2015
After registration deadline please contact the Organizers!

Organizers: Lise Román Moltzau and Finn Olav Levy,
Department of Pharmacology, University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital

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CHFR workshop Program - Cardiac hormones: Effects, therapeutic potential and use as biomarkers

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Registrations are only accepted until October 29 2015.











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