CHFR Guest Lecture: Fredéric Jaisser, MD, PhD

November 7, 2003: The National Hospital, Red auditorium

Subject: Conditional transgenic models: a powerful tool for physiopathological studies.

Animal transgenesis has proven to be useful for physiological as well as pathophysiological studies. Animal models with conditional expression of the transgene of interest or with a conditional gene mutation could be generated. This permits spatial and temporal control of the expression of the transgene or the induction of gene mutations previously introduced by gene targeting. These approaches allow the generation of models suitable for pathophysiological analysis or closer to disease state. We will discuss the novel approches used to generate conditional models as well as the benefit and disadvantages of the various strategies and present their use to analyze the pathophysiological role of the mineralocorticoid receptor, a ligand-dependent transcription factor, in the heart.











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